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Ten Tips To Protect Your Kids From The Big Burning Sun

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Brace yourselves everyone, summer is here! Wcdhile we all feel the effects of the heat, children can be more susceptible to its harm considering the sheer amount of time they spent sweating it out in the sun. It could also be hard to get through to them when all they can think about is going out and playing with friends.

Here is a handy list of natural tips to protect your young ones from the scorching heat.

1. Heat gingelly oil with two cloves of garlic and two balls of black pepper and give your kids an oil bath with this Taila . Do this once a week and ensure that the duration of the bath does not exceed 35-minutes. Please make sure that your children do not sleep throughout the day time or consume cold food on the days of this bath.  

2. Mix half a teaspoon of almond oil with half a teaspoon of coconut oil and add two drops of vetiver/kush essential oil - this makes for a great moisturiser. Massage this concoction on your children’s bodies immediately after a shower and it will take care of hydrating their skin for the whole day. Please DO NOT heat the oils.  

3. Mix bathing powder with green gram, rose petals and vetiver and make your children bathe with that mixture. This effectively and efficiently prevents your children from body odour and sweat, without causing any harm to their skin. You can also mix the aforementioned items with rose water or milk to add an aromatic touch to the bathing solution.

4. Speaking of sweat, here is another reality - human sweat is the breeding ground for germs. In order to safeguard your children against it, boil a portion of neem leaves and dried vetiver in a small vessel and add it to the bucket of water your children will bathe using. An added benefit would be to bathe your children in lukewarm water or better yet, make them sit in a tub of warm water for 20 minutes.  

5. In addition to skincare, another factor which makes your children’s lives during the summer way better is their clothing. Stick to cotton clothing - boys MUST wear their inner-wear while going out while girls must wear a petticoat or cotton shrug.

6. If your children are prone to excessive sweating from the head, I recommend cutting their hair really short. It also helps if they play indoors during peak hours - between 11 AM and 3 PM. This will drastically reduce the chances of your children facing sunburns, cold and headaches.

7. Your children need to compensate for the water loss, caused by sweating, by consuming at least 1.5 litres of water every day. Infusing 1 litre of the water with 1 teaspoon of jeera, few

rose petals and a pinch of elaichi and a dash of cinnamon can go a long way in keeping the body cool and preventing any urinary infections from manifesting.

8. Their diet should predominantly include home food which is nutritious, sweet and has a cooling effect on the body. A few recommendations are, rice, rice puttu, aval/poha, Kambu(pearlmillet)kool gruel / coconut milk, dal, curd, buttermilk, lassi, tender coconut, padhaneer/palm nectar, fresh fruit juices, fruits, vegetables with high water content, payasam/kheer, paal kozhukattai/rice flour balls, gulkand paal, nungu paal, ulundhu kali/urad dal halwa, jal jeera, and nannari sarbath/Anantamul sarbath. Avoid processed food like bakery products, chips, and spicy, tinned foods, and chicken.

9. Including a lot of greens in the diet is good for the stomach - manathakkali keerai/makoy, vendhaya keerai/methi saag, ponanganni keerai/garundi, pasalai keerai/palak, pudina, coriander, and pirandai. These items ease the digestion process, thereby preventing any instance of constipation.  

10. Finally, at nights, make them sleep on a cotton mattress or bed spread, preferably on the floor. Avoid very thick bedding and mattresses as they might increase the heat in the body. Setting your air conditioner to room temperature, 27 degrees, is ideal.  

While it may seem like a lot of work, putting in the efforts to diligently follow the above steps can ensure that your children’s summer passes on smoothly.

To know more about Natural tips for summer and for other queries, get in touch with us.

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