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About Us

A Record of Service

We in Punarva Natural Healthcare Centre is an integrated holistic healthcare facility. We believe our success with the health and happiness of our patients. More than an Ayurvedic Hospital in Coimbatore, we provide personalized Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and/or herbal treatment course for our patient based on individual body constitution and genetic typing. We identify underlying cause of any condition/ailment/disease at the earliest and allow for the best natural healing intervention. There is no trial and error in Naturopathy. We handle conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, and more. 


The ultimate goal of our doctor is:

To use minimum therapeutic intervention to restore health or heal and allow our patient to enjoy maximum health benefits. To educate you in preventive health care practice and make you understand what you are by constitution and what type of measure must be adopted to keep it healthy.

We offer

  • Traditional Pulse Diagnosis / Naadi pareeksha

  • Genetic Constitutional Typing

  • Ancient and Modern Herbal Remedies

  • Customised Personal Nutritional Counselling

  • Doctor-made Natural Health Foods

  • Supplementary Nutrition for Children and Geriatrics

  • Therapeutic Disease-based Yoga

  • Non – invasive Painless Naturopathy Treatment

  • Exclusive Postpartum Mother care and Rehabilitation

  • Cosmetic Intervention

Our Mission

Quality Care

Our path to success is with our patients. Evolve Punarva Natural Healthcare centre as state-of-the-art facility with best of the breed practitioners in the domain. Provide integrated, holistic, and personalized healthcare to our patients and their families. Share the wisdom of natural healing to every individual we touch.

Our Vision

Think Nature - Think Punarva

​Our vision is to make people adapt Naturopathy as lifestyle choice. We love to see every house hold with a herbal plant. Provide mainstream Herbology, Naturopathy, and Therapy courses and certification. Make Punarva Natural Healthcare Centre as a symbol of excellence in the field of alternative medicine.

Dr. Amsa Pashupathi BNYS, FMC, PGDCN

Founder, Senior Physician & Chief of Staff

She is a Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, and Herbologist with a Fellowship in Medical cosmetology. She holds over 18 years of clinical experience. 

A passion inclined towards Nature’s endless gift of healing inspired her to conceive the idea and establish an Integrated Natural Healthcare Centre for Holistic Medicine in the year 2020 thus “Punarva Natural Healthcare Centre” was born. As it means, Dr Amsa helps every patient to ‘reborn’ and regain the strength to run against time.

“No Knowledge is perfect unless it includes an understanding of the Origin – that is beginning”

Our Team

Lead by Example

Women empowerment is not just idealized but demonstrated in Punarva by keeping Men to Woman ratio over 50%.

And Worry Not! Our highly qualified professional team works day and night provide you the right medical care. 

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