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Bursitis is a condition in which the bursa is inflamed and irritated. These bursa sacs can be found throughout the body. These sacs contain fluid that diminishes chafing and rubbing between bones, muscles, tendons, and skin. This is regarded as a frequent ailment that impacts joints such as the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, etc. After an injury or due to fluid leakage to the joints, the area gets afflicted and inflammation transpires. Bursitis of the knee, elbow bursitis, shoulder bursitis, etc are some of the familiar conditions of bursitis that appear. Age, hobbies that strain the joints, and certain medical conditions can trigger this condition. The most dominant cause of bursitis is the repetitive movements or postures that impose pressure on the bursae surrounding the joint.

Signs and Symptoms of Bursitis

  • Inflammation

  • Contagious fever

  • Sharp or shooting pain

  • Inability to move a joint

  • Puffy and bloated in localized areas.

  • Stiffness

  • Excessive edema, redness

  • Bruising


Punarva has pioneered evidence-based, award-winning precision Ayurveda-based protocols for Bursitis treatment. Following the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, our physicians perform an in-depth assessment of the key symptoms and health factors of each patient to diagnose the root causes around your diet, individual constitution, lifestyle, work pattern, and genetic predisposition.

Based on the assessment, we arrive at the optimal Ayurveda Bursitis treatment protocol for Samprapti Vikhatan or breaking the etiopathogenesis, considering the extent of disease progression, risk factors, your constitution (prakriti), and the disease prognosis. This approach bridges the gap between the patient’s individualistic factors and the standard treatment protocols thereby making the therapy effective and safe.

Our whole person-centric approach will help you regain your happiest and healthiest state of life. Our rehabilitation specialists will also give you advice on ergonomics, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to help you better manage Bursitis.

Key Outcomes

According to the severity of the condition, Ayurvedic treatment for Bursitis can highly reduce its debilitating effects and helps to prevent further progression. Ayurveda Bursitis treatment helps to reverse the process, leading to a state of remission. Thus Ayurveda can offer a centum cure.

After Undergoing The Ayurvedic Bursitis treatment you are expected to be relieved from :

  • Stiffness and bloating

  • Fever

  • Better immunity and joint strength

  • Easy joint movements

  • Inflammation

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