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Face is considered as an important part of the body as far as beauty and look is concerned. Hence, everyone in general and youngsters in particular are very cautious about the beauty of their face. Acne Vulgaris is a common skin disease, characterized by areas of skin with scaly red skin, blackheads and whiteheads, papules (pinheads), pustules (large papules).

Acne consistently represents the top three most prevalent skin conditions in the general population. Acne is a common skin problem that affects almost 85% of teenagers, mostly occurs on the face and sometimes on the chest and upper back too.

Accumulation of excess sebum, epithelial cells and keratin obstruct the pilosebaceous follicle. This obstruction causes formation of a keratin plug and follicle swelling below skin surface, resulting in acne lesion. Colonized bacteria of the skin may cause a severe kind of infection which leads to scarring and unpleasantness of the face.

In modern medicine, several treatments are available for acne vulgaris, but treatment must comply with type and severity of the lesions. Treatment mainly includes prolonged use of antibiotics, comedolytic and anti-inflammatory agents. Though these medicines are better treatment options for acne management, the side effects of these medications such as increased frequency and severity of skin dryness, scaling, erythema, burning, stinging, itching and bacterial resistance limits their use.

Ayurveda Treatment

In Ayurveda, Acne is called Yuvanpidika, manifested in adolescence. As the disease has local spread over the face and due to the inflammation of the skin lesions, acne is also called as Mukhadushika.

Yuvanpidika or Tarunyapitika or Mukhadushika is characterized by

  • Mildly painful (Sa ruja )

  • Firm on touch (Ghan)

  • Filled with oil/sebum (Medo      garbha)and

  • Thorn shape (Salmalia malabarica).

In Ayurveda, mainly two types of treatments have been used to treat acne

  • Shodhana (purification of body by Vaman      and Nasya)

  • Shamana (conservative treatment by oral      and topical medicines by Lepa, Upanah and Kshara application)

These classical therapies have not only been used to cure acne but also for rejuvenation of the skin.


The Punarva protocol is based on the simple premise that the Physician must diagnose and treat only based on sufficient evidence. This evidence should be ‘patient or rogi based’ in addition to being ‘disease or roga based’ in accordance with the fundamental principles of Ayurveda.

How is this made possible?

  • A thorough and complete recording of the      patient’s medical history, capturing every minute aspect of his/her      lifestyle.

  • A thorough head-to-toe clinical      examination, uncovering health risk factors that the patient is unaware      of, directly connected or unrelated with his presenting medical      complaint(s).

  • This process of detailed history      recording and clinical examination- which includes the classical      Srotha-Vikrti pariksha – leads to an accurate understanding of the Dosha      status of the individual and lays the foundation for an accurate      differential diagnosis and medical management.

  • Further, the patient is entitled to be      clearly informed about the diagnosis arrived at, as also understand the      medical management proposed for him. The Physician shall proceed only with      the patient’s informed concurrence.

Punarva has pioneered evidence based, award winning Precision Ayurveda based protocols for Acne Vulgaris (Pimples) treatment. Following the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, our physicians perform an in-depth assessment of the key symptoms and health factors of each patient to diagnose the root causes around your diet, individual constitution, lifestyle, work pattern and genetic predisposition.

Based on the assessment, we arrive at the optimal ayurveda ACNE VULGARIS (PIMPLES) treatment protocol for breaking etiopathogenesis (Samprapti Vighatan). This approach bridges the gap between the patient’s individualistic factors and the standard treatment protocols thereby making the therapy effective and safe.

Our whole person centric approach will help you regain your happiest and healthiest state of life. Our rehabilitation specialists will also give you advice on ergonomics, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to help you better manage ACNE VULGARIS (PIMPLES).

Patient centricity is at the core of Punarva approach, and we have been widely recognized for our breakthrough approach. Some of them include:

  • The first NABH accredited hospital in      India, Quality Council of India.

  • Winner of prestigious National award for      Best Ayurveda Centre of the year 2017 from Ministry of Commerce and      Industry, Government of India

  • Industry best customer satisfaction score      of 92%, rated by our patients

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